Bonhoeffer, Pacifism, and Suspending the Ethical

Many know that Dietrich Bonhoeffer is one of my personal heroes and one to whom I seek guidance from in issues of ethics. Bonhoeffer is one of the reasons I adhere to the pacifist movement. Many have wondered how Bonhoeffer was able to reconcile his position on nonviolence to his choice to involve himself in […]

Integrity and the Art of Paper Writing

I find myself continuously mesmerized, baffled, and befuddled over the methodology in which people write academic papers. I have seen some abysmal work at the undergraduate level, but even more distressing is seeing poor work done at the graduate level. While I understand that not every paper will strive to be up for the Pulitzer, […]

Experience-Based Knowledge and Logical Problems

A fellow student and myself found ourselves in a perplexing situation in a recent theology class. Another person in class proposed that it is acceptable to live with logical inconsistencies in one’s worldview so long as the Bible supersedes the inconsistency itself. Here we found ourselves in a culture war reduced to one conversation. It […]

Against Fragmentation: A Holistic Approach to Music

Boredom is the greatest evil, amusement the greatest good. -J.P. Moreland I  With technological change comes cultural change. In many ways, the only constant in today’s culture is the expectation of change and further technological development. Music is not immune to such transitions. The question that must be posed is whether or not the ramifications […]

Vicarious Living and the Deification and Demonization of Celebrities

Michael D. Stark Student of Philosophy at Denver Seminary I have recently finished Soren Kierkegaard’s seminal tract, The Present Age. While Kierkegaard discusses a variety of subjects in this short book, none of which ought be overlooked, one that specifically remains pertinent for our present age is his exposition on talkativeness, or, in a more […]