A Response to CT’s Mark Galli

Earlier this afternoon, Christianity Today editor Mark Galli published a short article entitled "2 Billion Christians Believe in Traditional Marriage." As the overzealous title suggests, Galli's central premise is that orthodox Christians only endorse a view of marriage that is defined between a man and a woman. Galli attempts to downplay Tony Campolo's recent call [...]

“There’s Only One God … And He Doesn’t Dress Like that.”

There's a scene in The Avengers where Captain America is about to jump out of a jet to intervene  in a conflict between Iron Man and Thor. Prior to his jump, the Black Widow cautions against this intervention, because Iron Man and Thor are essentially gods. Captain America shrugs this off, "There's only one God, ma'am, [...]

The Engagement of Suffering

"Well, your suffering isn't like Job's..." Ever hear something along those lines? Frankly, I think it is largely an ignorant statement. Suffering is hard. What compounds the hardship is the difficulty by which we try to engage people when suffering occurs. It takes courage to admit struggle and suffering. If it is met with a [...]

Being “Ethical” & Ethical Knowledge

There is a short passage in Kierkegaard's Judge For Yourself! that has recently garnered my attention. While my interest in Kierkegaard is many, the focus of my research is on Kierkegaard's epistemology. Often, however, the epistemology of Kierkegaard's authorship surrounds the ethical-religious spheres, thereby placing interest in the subjective. In every human being there is [...]

On Public Discourse & Debate

I've been rereading Robert Roberts and W. Jay Wood's Intellectual Virtues: An Essay in Regulative Epistemology (New York: Oxford, 2007) in preparation for some academic speaking engagements that I have over the next few months. The book examines, as the title suggests, how one must be intellectually virtuous. A few short pages of the text [...]