Lessons from Picard on Social Distancing & Friendship

March 24th brings the finale of Star Trek: Picard, the series in which Sir Patrick Stewart returns to the famous, titular character. The world in which we now inhabit is starkly different than the on in which Picard premiered a mere ten weeks ago. For the premiere, I hosted a watch party. For the finale, […]

I, Borg

Unlike one of the later iterations, such as Star Trek: Voyager, The Next Generation never delved too deeply into Borg mythology. This less-is-more approach enhanced the mystery and dangerous nature of the Borg. When they appeared, the Borg brought a thrilling and existential threat to our main crew. Anything after “The Best of Both Worlds” […]


Have you ever been in a situation where you and another person simply don’t understand each other? I’m not talking about a mere disagreement of a difference of perspective, but a deep misunderstanding because of communication? That is the situation Picard finds himself in during “Darmok”, though perhaps the challenge facing him as tenfold. Picard […]

The Drumhead

Principled values show their strength when they are tested. This is the case in “The Drumhead”, as an admiral comes onboard to investigate a possible sabotage on the Enterprise and a potential larger threat to the Federation. There was, indeed, an incident, and an implicated spy onboard. This concluded rather quickly, leaving us to realize […]


Picard’s assimilation saga, in my mind, is not restricted to “The Best of Both Worlds”. It continues into the eighth film, Star Trek: First Contact, but in-between there are two fundamental episodes that deal with Picard’s experience, “I, Borg”, which will be explored elsewhere, and “Family”.  If “The Best of Both Worlds” is a Riker […]

Star Trek: Picard – Thoughts on Nostalgia, Expectations, & Quality

The series premiere of Star Trek: Picard is less than three weeks away. It feels as though many of us Trek fans have been waiting longer than the year and a half since this was announced. I suppose there’s a degree of truth to that. There seems to be a clamoring online for years now […]