‘mother!’ and the Honest Portrayal of Christian Living

By the time the end credits roll on Darren Aronofosky’s new film, mother!, you sit speechless in your seat, nearly paralyzed, by what you just experienced. And there is no more appropriate word to describe this film than experience. Make no mistake, this is not a fun film. Hell, it’s not even enjoyable. Yet in all its […]

It’s Not Okay to Laugh with Sean Spicer

Sean Spicer’s cameo at the Emmys surprised everyone. I hand it to Stephen Colbert and the producers of the show. No one saw it coming. The shock of the former Trump press secretary’s bit, in which he was seemingly making fun of himself, led to many camera shots of celebrities laughing at his presence. But […]

Mourning Heroes: The Dark Knight Shooting

Being consistent with my normality of geek experience, I attended a midnight showing of yet another blockbuster superhero movie last night. Such as been the case with me for nearly a decade since superhero movies became a worldwide trend. They have often been fun, enjoyable experiences, not only for the viewing of a movie that […]

Integrity and the Art of Paper Writing

I find myself continuously mesmerized, baffled, and befuddled over the methodology in which people write academic papers. I have seen some abysmal work at the undergraduate level, but even more distressing is seeing poor work done at the graduate level. While I understand that not every paper will strive to be up for the Pulitzer, […]