Evangelicalism’s Trump Problem

A recent article from the Washington Post reveals that 14% of evangelicals have left their church community after the election of Donald Trump. This blow to church attendance and membership may, in fact, grow if the Church continues to pledge allegiance to Republican power. It would be unfair and untrue to suggest that politics do […]

Embracing Empathy, Embracing Liberation

I’ve lately been reflecting on the relationship between liberation, empathy, and how we view others. In our internet age, we so often quickly succumb to mocking others in their very public failures. Whether it is a celebrity or sports star who has made a poor choice leading to public shame or yet another political scandal, […]

On Public Discourse & Debate

I’ve been rereading Robert Roberts and W. Jay Wood’s Intellectual Virtues: An Essay in Regulative Epistemology (New York: Oxford, 2007) in preparation for some academic speaking engagements that I have over the next few months. The book examines, as the title suggests, how one must be intellectually virtuous. A few short pages of the text […]

Against Fragmentation: A Holistic Approach to Music

Boredom is the greatest evil, amusement the greatest good. -J.P. Moreland I  With technological change comes cultural change. In many ways, the only constant in today’s culture is the expectation of change and further technological development. Music is not immune to such transitions. The question that must be posed is whether or not the ramifications […]

Vicarious Living and the Deification and Demonization of Celebrities

Michael D. Stark Student of Philosophy at Denver Seminary I have recently finished Soren Kierkegaard’s seminal tract, The Present Age. While Kierkegaard discusses a variety of subjects in this short book, none of which ought be overlooked, one that specifically remains pertinent for our present age is his exposition on talkativeness, or, in a more […]